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The conception of Sage Civil Australia stems from Asha Sage Russell after more than two decades of industry experience. Fueled by the pioneering spirit of its founder and coupled with Asha’s innate knowledge of the earthmoving industry as whole, Sage Civil is truly set to move mountains.

The Russell family heritage in earthmoving and civil works runs deep. In 1972, one entrepreneur had a vision and seized an opportunity within the industry. Back then it was Asha’s father, Tony Russell, who was a young diesel mechanic, and with a single client and his own bare hands, and a dream, he took a chance and registered a company name. After nearly half a century Tony has built Antqip into the organisation it is today.

For Asha growing up on the many job sites and being around all the equipment meant that earthmoving become second nature and at 17 years of age she commenced full time work with her father. The first role she was given was basic – driving from site to site to collect paperwork. Still she was keen to learn all there was to know and over time Asha’s enthusiasm coupled with her love of building lifelong client relationships meant that she naturally became the customer’s first point of contact.

In 1998 Asha successfully managed her first project for Thiess Services at Homebush Bay. This project was then followed by the AGL Gas Site at Mortlake. Both projects were major civil works for significant customers within the industry and both were completed within the set timeframe, within budget and all with a minimum of hassle.

Fast forward to today and Asha has now effectively managed hundreds of other projects. This success has been built on long term relationships and working with quality companies and customers who trust Asha to deliver to their requirements.

The family legacy and deep history has provided Asha with her own unique vision for Sage Civil. One being founded on a reputation for delivering high levels of safety, quality of work, innovative solutions, and integrity in business transactions. Furthermore, Sage Civil provides customers complete access to a fleet of first class equipment and machinery.

“Sage Civil – Specialising in Safety, Service and Successful Partnerships.”
– Asha Russell


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