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Our aim is diversity.

Creating a workplace that embraces females and the positive contribution they offer to any team and our mission is to change the landscape by acknowledging and overcoming the constraints women face when entering the civil construction industry.

Sage Civil encourages all contractors to help us strengthen this vision, and working together, we welcome any input that clients have so that we can make the civil industry a more equal and diverse industry.

“Sage Civil wishes to inject more females into the industry and make it a more family-friendly experience by entering and staying in the Civil workplace. I have over a third of my staff being plant operators that are females and most came to Sage with NO experience. Some of these women have now 3 different plant operator tickets and can really operate the machines. It has been exciting to watch this evolve especially with feedback from other clients in the Industry help making this happen and also being a part of and exciting change. I cant do this alone, it does take a team of companies to make this all come true, which I have been lucky so far. Attached I received the 2019 “Woman in Civil Construction” award from Civil Contractors Federation, which was such a prestigious award to win. I am also a part of CCF ‘Woman in Civil” mentoring programme which has been running for 3 years and has received alot of exposure over the civil industry. I would love to have the chance to strengthen this movement with Manuplex and take this vision to its highest level.” – ASHA RUSSEL

Recognising The Shortage of What The Industry Needs

We recognise that women are an integral part of every industry, yet civil construction simply falls short on attracting the number of women we’d like in our industry. With various contributing factors to the lower ratios, Sage Civil wanted to acknowledge, understand and make a positive difference by creating an even workspace between men and women . It is Sage Civil’s dream to see this change so that the next generation, our children, can grow up knowing our men and women are warranted in our workforces

 With this vision, in 2019, we added a D10 Dozer to our fleet of plant and equipment which was completely dedicated to our vision – attracting women to Civil Construction. Then to spark conversations onsite, we painted it bright pink. Next, we painted one of our 730C Dump Trucks purple. These machines are now extremely popular amongst our clients and team!


Asha Russel | Sage Civil - Mentoring

The CCF NSW’s 2020 Women in Civil Mentoring program.

With over 20 years’ experience in Civil Construction, Asha understands the inner workings of this industry at all levels. This coupled with her unique personality and determination made her a wonderful candidate for the Civil Contractors Federation’s (CCF NSW) – “Women in Civil” Mentoring Program. As both an advocate and active mentor, Asha was involved in the mentor program in 2019 and has continued in 2020.

This year our HSE Coordinator, Nicole Manuel, has also been chosen as a mentor for the CCF mentoring program. Nicole has over a decade of experience within the civil construction industry and has also worked in various other women specific programs. Nicole continues to make her mark leading health, safety and environment and is proudly guiding her mentee this year.

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Client Enhancement

Our clients absolutely love our fleet of bright coloured machines and along with theSage Civil team of women who can operate them!

On site these machines make a statement that our clients sites are also supporting Women in Civil and embrace the diversity Sage Civil offers. Clients also market our strengths to their advantage – and we love it!

For example, recently our fabulous pink D10 Dozer was engaged for works on the Metro Tunnel for John Holland, Joint Venture. This diversity that this mammoth machine signifies created so much excitement onsite that our client decided to broadcast this vision on various huge screens throughout their entire site to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020.

Then our purple Dump Truck has worked at CPB M1 Widening Project – Tuggerah to Doyalson; Ward Civil Lane Cove subdivision works; and recently at Sydney Metro alongside the pink D10 Dozer.